Our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) initiatives

It is our  believe that corporate conscience is about giving back to the communities that keep our business growing. Having a social good culture lets our employees know they are working for something that is bigger than ourselves; our business is not one dimensional and more importantly, WE CARE about people and we actively seek to serve them. Reliance’s founder and the company as a whole are firm believers that what we sow into this world is exactly what we’re going to reap. People want to do things that matter, companies that encourage employees to participate in volunteerirm and giving back are creating fulfilling environments to work in.

Reliance various businesses have unique opportunities to give back to communities in a way that amplifies the intentions of our employees and company mission.

Central to Reliance’s logo is the word “LI” which under our CSR programs has taken the meaning of “Love Indonesia”.

  • Pioneer for GO GREEN CSR program for issuing Government Retail Bonds and Government Islamic Retail Bonds.
  • The best CSR for Indonesia Awards 2010 from Bisnis & CSR Magazine and CSR Indonesia  Professional Association.
  • The preservation of Dayak Culture and Ujung Kulon, forest rehabilitation program, provision of shoes to child victims of Volcanic Disaster.
  • Concern for stock market education, by opening 16 IDX corners throughout universities.
  • Received award from IDX for best transaction value, best innovative program and best educational activities in 2011.