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Reliance is inspired and driven by the opportunity of Indonesia

A truly local business, Reliance helps companies to thrive, and people to make the most of their lives.

As a champion for the emerging consumer class and the millions of small businesses across Indonesia, Reliance has created a suite of Investment, Protection and Financing solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Today, Reliance serves many thousands of businesses, and reaches over 2 million consumers  - and our goal is to reach many more.

Financial Solutions

Reliance delivers integrated solutions from a wide array of Investment, Protection and Financing products, sourced from the Group’s product companies. Life insurance, health and general insurance, asset management, consumer and corporate lending: all form part of a comprehensive and integrated suite that allow the Reliance team to craft the right solution for each opportunity

Life Insurance

Through its life insurance arm, PT Asuransi Jiwa Reliance, Reliance reaches millions of end-clients with a unique range of life insurance products that addresses the needs of the growing middle class in Indonesia.

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Health and General Insurance

Reliance Health and General Insurance arm, PT Asuransi Reliance Indonesia (ARI), is one of the leading independent insurers in Indonesia, serving 500 thousand customers through support from 14 regional offices across the country.

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Asset Management

PT Reliance Manajer Investasi (RMI), Reliance’s asset management subsidiary, provides a complete suite of investment products (including Sharia-compliant funds) that are specially tailored for the emerging consumer class.  

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PT Reliance Sekuritas Indonesia Tbk (RELI), with equity and fixed income brokerage services, complete underwriting capabilities, and a dedicated research arm, is a full-service retail securities platform that offers clients a wide variety of financial services solutions. 

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Reliance’s multi-finance unit, PT Usaha Pembiayaan Reliance Indonesia (Reliance Finance), is a comprehensive small business and consumer lending arm that offers flexible financing solutions to both the clients and customers of Reliance Group.

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Venture Capital

Reliance’s venture capital fund, PT Reliance Modal Ventura (RMV), is an investor in high-growth financial technology and healthcare companies that focus on Indonesia and are of strategic value to the overall group.

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Currently all financial solutions are present in one application in the palm of your hand. PT Reliance Integrasi Dunia Anda (ReLi:ID) presents investment, protection and financing products as your financial solution. Access all your needs now, only at ReLi:ID. Download now on Play Store & App Store! ReLi:ID is registered with the Financial Services Authority.

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