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Kekayaan Tradisi Indonesia - Floating Market
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Padar island in Komodo islands, Flores, Indonesia
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Kekayaan Tradisi Indonesia - Batik Tulis
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HUT Reliance ke 21
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Reliance is inspired and driven by the opportunity of Indonesia

A truly local business, Reliance helps companies to thrive, and people to make the most of their lives.

As a champion for the emerging consumer class and the millions of small businesses across Indonesia, Reliance has created a suite of Investment, Protection and Financing solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Today, Reliance serves many thousands of businesses, and reaches over 2 million consumers  - and our goal is to reach many more.

Financial Solutions

Reliance delivers integrated solutions from a wide array of Investment, Protection and Financing products, sourced from the Group’s product companies. Life insurance, health and general insurance, asset management, consumer and corporate lending: all form part of a comprehensive and integrated suite that allow the Reliance team to craft the right solution for each opportunity

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