07 March 2022

Reliance Group Strengthened Digital Services and Recorded Rp123.1 billion Profit in 2021


Siaran Pers

Senin, 7 Maret 2022

Reliance Group Strengthened Digital Services and Recorded Rp123.1 billion Profit in 2021

Jakarta, March 7, 2022, Reliance Group held the Reliance 2022 Annual Fair at LA Hub, Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta. This event was held to commemorate the 19th Anniversary of Reliance Group.

Anton Budidjaja as Founder and Group Chairman of Reliance Group expressed his gratitude for the dedication and hard work of all employees and management as well as the support of all stakeholders, on the 19th Anniversary that Reliance Group in 2021 recorded a satisfactory performance. On a consolidated basis, Reliance Group recorded Profit Before Tax (PBT) of Rp123.1 billion, an increase of 17% from 2020 of Rp105.2 billion.

Anton also continued that in terms of Assets, Reliance Group grew 11.2% from the previous Rp2.77 trillion in 2020 to Rp3.08 trillion in 2021. The increase in Total Assets was in line with the increase in the value of receivables and investment in health insurance activities, general, life and financing with a total increase of Rp72.3 billion (22.7% of the total increase in assets).

Reliance Group also experienced an increase in Equity of 6.7% from Rp. 1.20 trillion in 2020 to Rp. 1.28 trillion in 2021. Likewise, Revenue increased by 7.9% to Rp. 0.96 trillion in 2021 compared to 2020 of IDR 0.89 trillion. The largest revenue contribution was from Insurance, especially from General Insurance (Rp 708 billion) due to the champion of Hybrid products and RELIDoc Insurtech services, which as of March 3, 2022, the number of downloaders has reached 28,929. Life Insurance contributed Rp. 139 billion with its superior product Credit Life, said Anton.

This success is the highest achievement so far. During the last 2 years the world and businesses were in a difficult situation, but Reliance Group was capable to make high achievements. The experience of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic that has occurred since 2020 until now will make Reliance Group more aggressive and more resilient, said Anton.

"We are still growing better than our competitors, and the year 2021 is the start (to take off) to achieve significant growth in 2022," Anton assured.

Several initiatives in 2021 such as the launch of digital-based products, namely RELInvest, RELIDoc, then the issuance of Retail Bonds, and Investment Banking project as the Sole Underwriter of PT GTS International Tbk IPO, as Managing Underwriter in the Rights Issue of PT Bank Banten Tbk has strengthened the performance of Reliance Group in 2021.

On the other hand, in order to generate potential future employees, Reliance Group also initiated Reliance Academy that integrated and combined financial knowledge with real work practices. This program is also a recruitment strategy that provides education and experience to candidates re institutions and non-bank financial service products. In the end, the Reliance Group used this opportunity to find the best talents who would occupy certain positions within Reliance Group.

Then, Anton also continued that Reliance Group will continue to prioritize Service Excellence and strengthen the digital footprint through RELI ID, to provide financial services which are easy and accessible from any device anytime and anywhere.