30 June 2022

Revenue of PT Usaha Pembiayaan RelianceIndonesia (REFI) Grew 34.72% in 2021


In the his report, President Director of REFI, Iman Pribadi at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) held at the Reliance Group head office at June 29, 2022, despite national macroeconomic growth which was still below double digits due to the pandemic, REFI was able to record revenue growth of 34.72% in 2021. This growth was far above the average for the financing industry and improved the quality of the financing portfolio (Non-Performing Loans) from 1.9% in 2020 to 1.6% in 2021.

This achievement is due to the Company's strategy to focus on financing the middle-lower income community for housing ownership and productive UMKMs through the financial technology ecosystem and consistent implementation of "Good Corporate Governance" in running its business.

In addition to the presentation of the Company's performance, in accordance with the agenda, the AGMS chaired by the President Commissioner Anton Budidjaja, the AGMS has approved the Company's Annual Report and Annual Financial Statements for 2021 financial year which have been audited by Public Accountant Heliantono and Partners, to decide on the determination of the Company's net profit for the financial year ended in December 31, 2021 in the amount of Rp 12.9 billion and the determination of reserves for retained earnings in accordance with applicable regulations. The AGMS also submitted a report on the use of funds for the issuance of the 2022 REFI Bonds I.

Another important the AGMS decision was the appointment of Frans Victor Kailola as Director of the Company after obtaining approval for the fit and proper test from the OJK.

Thus, the composition of the Company's Board of Directors is as follows:

President Director : Iman Pribadi

Director : Ira Rakhmawati

Director : Frans Victor Kailola.