20 July 2017
Reliance Finance net income has increased by 70,5%

Reliance Finance (PT Usaha Pembiayaan Reliance Indonesia) has recorded a net income increase in the period of January-December 2016 as much as 70.5% from

15 November 2018
Reliance Finance Maintains an “Outstanding” Accreditation

PT Reliance Finance (Usaha Pembiayaan Reliance Indonesia) has managed to reach the pinnacle of success for multifinance companies when the company was

07 March 2022
Bukukan Laba Rp123,1 Miliar Reliance Group Tingkatkan Layanan Digital

Jakarta, 7 Maret 2022, Reliance Group menyelenggarakan Annual Fair 2022 di LA Hub, Lenteng Agung, Jakarta Selatan. Acara tersebut diadakan dalam rangka memperingati hari Ulang Tahun Reliance Group yang ke-19 yang jatuh pada hari ini. Disela-sela acara Reliance Annual Fair 2022 tersebut dilakukan pemaparan kinerja Reliance Group posisi 31 Desember 2021.