20 July 2017

Reliance Finance net income has increased by 70,5%

Jakarta - PT Reliance Finance (Usaha Pembiayaan Reliance Indonesia) has managed to reach the pinnacle of success for multifinance companies when the company was accredited as “Outstanding” by Infobank for 5 consecutive years since Reliance Group took over the company in 2012.

Reliance Finance was previously named PT National Capital Finance before Reliance Group took over the company in 2012.

Reliance Finance ranks as #1 of 21 multifinance companies listed by Infobank, beating out other multifinance companies with larger asset values.

President Director of Reliance Finance, Hadianjaya, greatly appreciates Infobank’s acknowledgement of the company. Hadianjaya hopes that this award will motivate the company to improve their performance in the midst of the economic recession.

We are very proud and grateful to be able to be consistently accredited as “Outstanding” for five consecutive years,” said Hadianjaya.

Hadianjaya said that Reliance Finance will continue to maintain their work performance by operating with caution and care, while implementing the principles of Good Corporate Governance.

Currently, Reliance Finance operates in the mortgage and financing business line with other joint financing companies and multi finance companies.

From January-December 2016, Reliance Finance recorded a net income increase as much 70.5% thus increasing their net income in 2016 to Rp11,6 billion, compared to Rp 6,8 billion in 2015.

Their net income growth was supported by the increase in operating revenue, which has approximately doubled from Rp 25,7 billion in 2015 to Rp 50,9 billion in 2016. Moreover, Reliance Finance’s account receivables has reached Rp 316,3 billion in 2016, marking a 21.4% increase compared to Rp260,6 billion in 2015.